Local Mental Health Resources

  • Contact Community Services – Contact Community Services, Inc. is a multi-faceted organization that supports the social, emotional, behavioral and mental health of children, youth, and adults.
  • Information for Educators – Young people spend most of their time during the day in school. It is critical that educators have access to information on healthy social and emotional development and emotional well-being as well as tools to help children with emotional disturbance and their families.
  • Mental Health Education Literacy in Schools: Linking to A Continuum of Well-Being Comprehensive Guide – Provides educators, school district personnel, parents/guardians, students, and community organizations with information on mental health education provided in schools pursuant to the newly instituted Education Law §804.  It provides guidance for developing effective mental health education instruction in the classroom, while also looking at embedding mental health well-being within the broader context of the entire school’s environment.
  • Mental Health, Substance Use & Developmental Disabilities – Onondaga Resources – This is a directory of services compiled by the Onondaga County Mental Health Department. Updated 2018.
  • NYS Office of Mental Health – Information for Children, Teens and Their Families – This site offers NYS resources to support children/teenager mental health, including how to recognize symptoms, how to find services and supports, and keeps parents, families, and others informed.
  • NYSOMH Publications – The Office of Mental Health (OMH) has several publications available. The listing below is the publications that can be downloaded and printed from the Internet. There are also some publications available for a fee.
  • School Mental Health Education – NYSED section on school mental health, including links to Board of Regents/NYSED memos, educational resources, and other resources on mental health.
  • School Mental Health Resource and Training Center – created to support New York State schools to comply with the new law requiring mental health instruction as part of the K-12 health education program; includes resources for teachers and educators; opportunities for professional development; information for youth, parents and community partners; and strategies for establishing community partnerships.