Parents and their child meeting with a teacher

Helping with homework. Attending parent-teacher conferences. Serving as a room parent. These are common ways that parents and families become involved with their child’s school. However, there are many different ways for parents and families to be involved in their child’s education. Parents who have been there and have experience can offer guidance for other parents on how to better work with schools. SUPAC seeks to empower parents and families to work with their child’s school. This new SUPAC blog series shares advice from parents for parents to help you find ways to be involved, as well as ways to support your child’s education.

Sample Letters

Effective communication is important. Here you will find examples of letters that cover a variety of circumstances. These letters are meant to help parents and families express what their child needs to achieve educational success. All letters are in Microsoft Word.

SUPAC welcomes the distribution of all of its materials. If you do use SUPAC materials, please cite SUPAC as the source and please notify us which material you have distributed and the number of copies. This information is very important for SUPAC to receive continued funding.

Guide to Effectively Resolving Your Concerns (PDF Format)

This is a handy checklist to work effectively with your school to effectively resolve your concerns.

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SUPAC Tools & Tips: Building Effective Relationships with Your Child’s School (PDF Format)

SUPAC Tools & Tips: Building Effective Relationships with Your Child’s School
SUPAC Tools & Tips: Building Effective Relationships with Your Child’s School

“SUPAC Tools & Tips” are designed to provide parents and caregivers with advice on special education topics and promote parent involvement. If you have a topic you would like to see covered in our newsletter or would like to receive an electronic or hard copy please contact us by email or phone 315-443-4336 or toll free at 877-824-9555.

This issue of SUPAC Tools & Tips provides strategies for parents/caregivers to use before, during, and after a meeting with their child’s school team. Use these checklists to plan and learn ways to build and maintain positive and effective relationships.

English | Spanish | Arabic | Burmese | Karen | Nepali | Somali