Our Statement

Our Mission and Vision

As a parenting blog of children with special needs, our mission and vision are to connect with special needs children globally, provide relevant support for the children and their parents, and tenaciously improve their living standards. And the founder of this blog is no one else than the philanthropist. The unique needs right advocate, Barbara L. Kellogg, has been at the forefront of being the voice and the backbone of children with special needs for a respectable number of years.

This untiring philanthropist has now decided to establish this iconic blog to develop an inclusive connection with parents and children with special needs. How do we intend to achieve our mission? Worthy of note is the free registration section of the blog, created to enlist children with special needs and details such as health concerns to serve them as their helping hand and confidential reliant. Additionally, this blog hopes to publish a daily plethora of articles and relative content on the different areas and types of special needs and how society can help them.

The writers include parents of special needs children, special needs children training personnel, adults who’ve once lived or related to special needs children, etc. They’ll be happy to provide adequate enlightenment about their experiences and expertise to children of special needs, their parents, and the public at large. This blog is also privileged to enlist experienced and professional medical personnel to professionally enlighten the readers about the different categories of special needs type. For example, on the physical condition, the blog will provide verified and credible articles on the different types of children with special needs on the deficiency of the physical anatomy or physiology of their bodies like multiple sclerosis conditions, muscular dystrophy, and chronic asthma.

The blog will also provide contents on the causes, effects, therapies, and required behavioral adaptations on other types of children with special needs, such as

  • developmental- down syndrome, autism, dyslexia, etc
  • Sensory impaired- Partial deafness, complete deafness, blindness, and others.

We understand the financial needs that arise with children with special needs. As such, the blog is pleased to provide periodic and substantial financial aids to the registered parents and children with special needs to prove our commitment to fulfilling our undying vision. Likewise, there’ll be weekly interactive sessions where parents of children with special needs can effectively communicate, share their experiences, and learn from each other.

This blog’s advocacy section consists of dedicated and special needs children rights activists who’re ready to defend any infringement of the children with special needs’ rights. In all, this blog will serve as an educational, supportive, and interactive platform for parents and children with special needs without neglecting any race, special needs type, or gender.

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